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English for the EU

This is an advanced course designed for students of international relations, political science, lawyers, economists, those who want to work in the institutions of the European Union, or simply those who are interested to learn more about the European Union. This course teaches the history of the EU, its structure and institutions, Member States, policy and law. The course will help for the EPSO test, that is if you intend to seek employment within the EU institutions, the course is guided by the Master of European Studies.

Small groups (2-6 students) allows the student to focus on the needs of each individual.

The course lasts 15 weeks, and classes are held twice a week with the duration of 60 minutes.

Fall semester:

Course begins on 10.10.2016., And ends on 11.02.2016.

Classes will not held between 19.12.2016. and 09.01.2017., and on 08.10. and 11.01.2016.

Spring semester:

Course begins on 20.02.2017., And ends on 06/10/2017.

Classes will not held between 12.04.2017. and 18.04.2017., and on 05.01.2017.



15 weeks

30 hours

2 x 60 minutes per week

3-5 students

Native speakers

2.600 kn

4 Installments x 650 kn

10% discounts

(One time payment)

2.340 kn