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Legal English

Legal English is an advanced course (B2/C1) designed for lawyers and those who wish to improve the English language in the field of law. The course covers all branches of law, specialized terms, and proper writing etiquette as it applies to law. More specifically, the instructor will lead discussions on the differences in various legal systems, e.g., common and civil law, and the differences within each system individually. Students will also be exposed to current world legal debates. Finally, students will be put through various situations and conditions to test their use of proper Legal English in both formal and informal settings

All courses are taught by native speakers, which allows students to speak exclusively in English. Further, all of our classes meet in small groups (3 to 5 students). This allows each individual more time to speak in class, while allowing the teacher to focus on their specific needs.

The course lasts 15 weeks, and meets twice weekly in 60-minute intervals.

Fall semester courses begin on 9.10.2017, and finish on 10.02.2018. There will be no classes between 19.12.2017 and 07.01.2018.

Spring semester courses begin on 19.02.2018 and finish on 15.06.2018. There will be no classes between 28.03. and 05.04.2018, and on the days 01.05 and 31.05.2018.


15 weeks

30 hours

2 x 60 minutes a week

3-5 students

Native speakers

2.800 kn

4 Installments x 700 kn

10% discount

(One time payment)

2.520 kn