Elementary School

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Margaret Mead

Learning a new language is best done at a young age. As such, we organize regular English language courses for our younger members such that they may not only improve upon their grammar and vocabulary, but as well be exposed to international customs and American culture. Through interactive games, weekly writing assignments, and ample conversation, students will solidify their communication skills and feel comfortable speaking in various social settings.

All courses are taught by native speakers, and it is expected that English will be spoken exclusively in the classroom. In addition, the classes are held in small groups (3 to 5 students). This allows each student individualized attention, alongside the benefits of group learning.

The course is organized into 12 levels, whereby each student is meticulously matched to the appropriate level.
Each year, students will complete one level. The course lasts 30 weeks, whereby lessons are held twice a week. To accommodate regular school hours, courses are held either in the morning or early afternoon hours. Weekend courses, which last 120 minutes, are also available on Saturdays.

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Elementary School
4480 kn
30 weeks
60 hours
2 x 60 minutes a week
3-5 students
Native speakers
5.600 kn
8 Installments x 700 kn
20% discount
(one time payment)

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