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Though young adults are frequently exposed to the English language through movies, music, the internet, and television, we have designed a program to not only help them fill in the blanks but also master some of the more technical aspects of English, which are often ignored in the standard curriculum, notably writing and oral communication skills. In sum, our English courses for teenagers have been designed to solidify their knowledge and skills and help them better integrate into the world around them, facets which will help them in any career path they so choose.

All courses are taught by native speakers, which allows students to speak exclusively in English. Furthermore, all of our classes meet in small groups (3 to 5 students), giving each individual more time to speak in class, at the same time allowing the teacher to focus on their specific needs.

The course is organized into 8 levels, with each level comprising one full academic year.

One semester course lasts 15 weeks, and meets twice weekly. Weekend courses are also available on Saturdays, held once a week for 120 minutes.

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High School
3200 kn
15 weeks
30 hours
2 x 60 minutes / week
3-5 students
Native speakers
3.200 kn
4 Installments x 800 kn
20% discount
(One time payment)

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