The procedure of registration:

  1. Complete our online test on our website or contact us by phone or e-mail. If the test is completed over the Internet, send us your results, indicating the type of course in which you are applying.
  2. Make an appointment with one of our teachers, to further check your level of prior knowledge, and to offer you specific terms and details for the course.

For consultations related to counseling about going to summer school in the United States or for study opportunities in the United States, please before your arrival, contact us by phone at 091 4800 424, 01 5999877 or by email at


The American Institute provides consulting and information services to citizens, as a center for the promotion of the English langauge, American culture and American higher education.

As such, the American Institute is open to the public and provides free individual consultations about the possibilities of going to college in the United States, testing knowledge of English, as well as advising on the structure and materials for self-development, and application process for US institutions of higher education.

The American Institute members are entitled to participate in educational and social programs of the American Institute.

Through monthly, semester or annual membership called “temporary membership”, members are entitled to:

-Attending one group of the course or 10 hours of individual course;
-Receive information electronically on higher education in the United States, apply for scholarships and summer schools, courses and other information from the American Institute;
-Borrow literature from the library (manuals, textbooks and professional journals);
-Internet use in the American Institute during office hours;
-participation in the debate club;
-participation in the literary club;
-participation in the workshop The English Lounge

Temporary membership are to:

1. Signing a membership contract

2. payment of monthly membership in the amount of HRK 1,800.00, semester membership fee in the amount of HRK 2,600.00, or annual membership fee in the amount of HRK 5,200.00. A Monthly fee refers to the period of 30 days after the date of registration. A semester membership fee covers the period from September to February and the period from March to July, depending on the date of registration, and the annual membership fee covers the period from September to July of the academic year..