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Jason Magalios-Schulein

Jason was born and raised in Athens, Greece in a Greek-Canadian family. With a passion for theater and public speaking, he excelled in activities centered on the English language and communication skills throughout high school. After graduation, he traveled to Ontario, Canada where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Studies from Queen’s University. Somewhere along the line, he discovered he had a knack for teaching English and helping others with their English language work. Thus began his career as a teacher. Wishing to see more of the world, Jason traveled far and wide, from the Americas to East Asia exploring and learning of new cultures and strange cuisines. Throughout, his capacity as a teacher facilitated his path; and his skills and knowledge grew. Having finally landed in Croatia, Jason continues his hobbies of reading, traveling, and cooking.

Brett Campbell 1979-2018

In 2010, our beloved friend and colleague, Brett Campbell, co-founded the American Institute with the lofty goal of bringing the American education system closer to Croatia. In addition to his many responsibilities at the American Institute, Brett worked as a lecturer at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Science and the College of International Relations and Diplomacy Dag Ham-marskjöld. He also served as a freelance copy editor for GONG, UNDP, the Institute for Interna-tional Relations, and GiZ, among others. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Brett earned a mas-ter’s degree in European and Eurasian studies from George Washington University and went on to pursue a PhD in International Studies at the University of Trento.

After a long, arduous struggle with cancer, Brett had to leave his loving family, dear friends and students, and cherished American Institute behind. His unwavering wit, charm and way with words, which he wielded so eloquently, will live on forever in the hearts of those privileged enough to have crossed his path.

Alexandra Chioureas Poskovic


Alexandra is an educator from Calgary, Canada.  She has received a Bachelor’s in Psychology, followed by a TEFL/TESL certification, and a Bachelor’s of Education in 2019. She has 10 years of experience in teaching and believes literacy is the key to success. She champions building community and connection in the classroom and enjoys using new technologies to teach. Alexandra’s familial origins are Greek and her husband’s are Croatian which helped influence their decision to move to Zagreb. When she is not teaching, she is dancing and traveling to neighboring cities and countries. She also works on her own professional development by keeping up with online courses and attends a minimum of 2 seminars each year.

Vesna Jakircevic

Vesna, originally from Toronto, Canada, relocated to Zagreb where she completed her education at the Faculty of Philosophy. As a long-time resident of Croatia and a native English speaker, she is able to provide a unique perspective of the English language on a cultural level. Vesna’s pro-fessional path has included translating, editing, voice-overs, as well as teaching English. Her ex-perience of having lived and worked abroad offers the kind of insight that sparks the curiosity of her pupils which in turn encourages lively discussions. Vesna has a passion for language and conversation and enjoys conveying that passion to others. When she’s not “speaking” she enjoys

watching movies, attending concerts, going to the theater, recreational activities and Zagreb’s favorite pastime – having coffee.

Paul McCaffrey

Paul comes from County Fermanagh in the north of Ireland. He completed his degree in 1994 in Leicester at De Monfort University in Business and Spanish. In 1995 he became a TEFL teacher at Oxford House College, London. Throughout his 25 year career he has taught PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, CPE, TEOFL, Business English and general English in 9 different countries to all ages and nationalities. He is currently in his 11th year teaching in Croatia having initially came here in 1998. Paul is also a qualified examiner for the FCE oral examinations. He has also taught students from every continent during many years of teaching at assorted summer schools. When he is not working he likes to read, learn Croatian and go fishing.

Chris Osborne

Chris comes from Stoke-on-Trent in England where he studied Sociology and History for his bachelor’s degree at Keele University in Staffordshire (UK). Since leaving university, he has taught in several countries such as Greece and Italy where he specialized in examination prepa-ration for KET, FCE, CAE and PCE. After passing his CELTA, Chris’s career path eventually landed him in Croatia. During his years in Zagreb, he has taught a variety of courses on both an individual and group level including many business group courses. When he isn’t teaching, Chris can be found playing cricket in an established Zagreb team, reading, or cycling.

Paško Vrbat – Writing Specialist

The son of Croatian immigrants, Paško was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After completing a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Western Sydney in 2006, Paško worked in the Australian public and not-for-profit sectors, mainly as a proofreader and editor. During this period, he also earned a master’s degree in non-fiction writing from the University of Technology, Sydney, before eventually moving to Zagreb. Paško believes that words matter, and encourages his students to develop their writing skills by reading as widely as possible. When he’s not in the classroom, Paško enjoys reading good books, travelling and live music events.

Adam Webster

Adam has been teaching English since 2013 in places such as Wroclaw, Poland; Copenhagen, Denmark and now Zagreb where he has taught both business and general English for both schools and companies. Adam strives to create a dynamic classroom atmosphere in which he can enthuse and motive students while offering English that is relevant to their daily lives. He has both a BA and MA in music from Liverpool Hope University and a 120 hour TESOL. Outside of teaching he is an improvising musician, playing cello, various objects and creating bespoke, im-provised stories. Adam is a member of an anglo-polish group called Shepherds of Cats who have played in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and the UK. He also plays with many of the excellent improvising musicians in Zagreb and can be found regularly either on stage or in the audience at places such as Vinyl, Kset, and Mocvara.